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As seen in Options magazine:
    "Although we have been in business since 2007, we moved into the Chapin, SC location in July of 2013. I purchased my first clock from a local consignment shop. Within two weeks of purchase, it broke and I decided to try and fix it myself. Within six months I had 50+ clocks in various stages of repair or completion in my garage. At that point something had to be done, so I began selling the restored clocks on eBay. My business began as a hobby and quickly grew into a successful online clock sales business, shipping clocks to places as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.
    Before I knew it, friends and people from work were bringing me their clocks for repair and restoration. We quickly outgrew the home garage and when a career change was in the works, I decided that this is what I wanted to do. The idea was to take available funds and create a business that would become an income well into my retirement years.
  Since we opened, repairs have been the main focus of our little shop. Reasonable repair pricing and full clock restoration have been a successful combination along with in home appointments to help local residents with grandfather clocks.
  We like to say that our shop is where old clocks go to get a second chance. Our customers have found us to be a great place to go to take a clock that they remember in their younger years and bring back memories that they thought they would never have again. We do this through thorough work on not only clock movement repairs, but also as much as possible is done with the cases they are housed in. This is a little unusual for a typical clock repair shop. Cases are not usually addressed, but I was a woodworking hobbyist for most of my life and love working on the cases.
  Our clients get personalized service when dealing with our shop. The clock repairman is on duty and in the shop for almost the entire time the shop is open. Most of our sale clocks are purchased from charities online and repaired in house. They are tested prior to sale to assure running capability."
                                                                  - Harold MacVittie, owner and founder

"Deep in the heart of downtown Chapin, SC sits a little clock store known as Second Hand Time. They specialize in repair and restoration of clocks of all kinds. When we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised by the collection of cool time pieces that lived on the shelves of the store. The grand styling of "old school" clocks is still around. We asked the owner a little about his business and he obliged us with his tale of getting into the clock restoration business..."